If you are considering anything beyond mere repair or maintenance on the exterior of your home and/or property including an existing deck, sunroom, fence, patio, driveway, retaining wall, planter or other structure on your lot, the Subdivision’s Indenture requires a Home/Property Improvement Application be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval before work begins. Best advice, or when in doubt, submit an application – better to apply than be stopped in mid-project. Projects undertaken without approval carry liability under Article IV section 5 of the Indenture.


Home/Property Improvement Applications are also available by writing to the Board of Trustees.


Filling Out the Application (Applies to all Improvements)

The Board of Trustees responds to each Home/Property Improvement Application it receives. It is possible that changes may be requested, so please submit your application well in advance of your intended project start date. Please remember that items which do not always require zoning/building permits such as: patios, driveways, retaining walls (under 2 feet in height) do require Home/Property Improvement Applications and approval from your Board of Trustees.

  • If City Zoning and County Building Permits are NOT Required:
    1. Download a Home/Property Improvement Application and project specific instructions from the web site or request them from the Board of Trustees.
    2. Complete the one-page application.
    3. Using a copy of your lot survey, draw the outline of the proposed improvement, approximately to scale, on your copy of your lot survey. Please use a straight edge, red or blue ink, and indicate all dimensions.
    4. Attach a copy of your plans, specifications, and proposal(s) that either you or your contractor developed.
    5. Return the completed application along with the copy of your survey showing the improvement and the plans and specification as mentioned above to the Board of Trustees at the address shown on the application.
  • If City Zoning and/or County Building Permits ARE Required:
    • Complete items 1 through 5 as shown above (as if permits were not required) with the following exceptions:
      1. Once you receive the permits from the City of Chesterfield and/or St. Louis County, send a copy of the permits to the Board of Trustees at the address shown on the Home/Property Improvement Application. Remember, even if you received permits from the City or County you must still receive approval for your project from the Subdivision’s Board of Trustees before work on your project begins.
      2. The City of Chesterfield sometimes requires a written Subdivision Trustee Acknowledgement as a requirement for permit application to the City of Chesterfield. If you are required to submit an acknowledgement to the City of Chesterfield, complete all the steps shown above prior to submitting your permit to the City. The Board of Trustees will return an acknowledgement so that you can file your permit with the City. Remember, the acknowledgement that you receive from the Board of Trustees is NOT approval for your project from the Board. It is simply an acknowledgement that you have submitted your project to the subdivisions Board of Trustees. You must still get approval for your project from the Board of Trustees prior to starting your project.


Remember: The Board of Trustees has 30 days from receipt of a completed application package to evaluate the proposed work. Written approval is required from your Board of Trustees before work can begin.


Specific projects:
The Specific Projects page contains additional information on completing the application for your particular project.