Meadowbrook Farms/Clarkson Estates
Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes
Thursday, January 27, 2022
Chesterfield City Hall


Call to order

  • Linda Walp, treasurer, called the meeting to order at 7:32 pm. Trustees, Lisa Monachella and Carol Fine, and nine other homeowners were present along with City Councilmen, Mike Moore and Dan Hurt.
  • There was a motion to approve the minutes from the October 27 meeting. The motion was seconded and the minutes approved. They will be posted on the subdivision website by Kevin Pfarr.

Treasurer’s report

  • Treasurer Linda Walp reported on the 2022 budget. There was discussion and clarification of the budget.
  • Linda pointed out that we incurred a larger than usual bill for tree removal in 2021.
  • It was also noted that the current rate of inflation is going to be effecting the budget this year.
  • Mike Martin has a three year contract to do the mowing. There is one year left to his contract.

Street Tree Maintenance

  • Councilman Dan Hurt pointed out that the City of Chesterfield will come out and pick up any fallen limbs that are too big for the homeowner to dispose of themselves. (This is in reference to the trees between the street and sidewalk.). The homeowner needs to call Chesterfield Public Works at 636-537-4000.

Common ground update

  • There was concern and discussion about the condition of the 3 parks, 6 monuments and cul de sacs. We currently do not have a late fall leaf removal in place. Erich Stief has been doing cleanup of the mulched areas in these areas in the spring, not late fall. Therefore they look pretty bad during the winter months. It was decided to monitor this work more closely this year to insure that the terms of the bid are being upheld. Adjustments can be made in the future.

Home Improvement Applications

  • Homeowner David Watson was at the meeting to present his proposed in-ground pool project along with his contractor, Fred Worthy. After some discussion it was decided that David would submit his Home Improvement Application.

Homeowner forum

  • Councilman Dan Hurt gave an update on the development of Chesterfield Mall by Michael Staenberg. He thought it would probably be 2 years before any visible demo begins. Dan praised Mr. Staenberg’s knowledge on commercial development.
  • Councilman Mike Moore updated everyone on the Gateway Studios project on the northeast corner of Chesterfield Airport Road and Spirit of St. Louis Blvd. He was excited about this project which should bring a lot of business to Chesterfield. The project calls for a 330,000 sq.foot building. The studios would provide practice space for performing troupes to develop their acts or tours. This means these production groups would be staying in the area for prolonged periods of time. Note: Also approved is the Gateway Hotel adjacent to the studios. This is a 5-story 168 unit hotel with a 1000 ft restaurant just north of the studios.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00.

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 28, 2022 at Chesterfield City Hall.


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