Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
October 24, 2019 – Chesterfield City Hall

Call to Order

  • Board President; Scott Eiler called the meeting to order at 7:30pm. Trustees Scott Carter, Kevin Pfarr, and Bill Thanner were in attendance along with 11 homeowners and 2 City of Chesterfield Council members.
  • 2019 Projects:
    • The trustees are trying to get the City of Chesterfield to address various issues throughout the neighborhood.
    • Otherwise, use the neighborhood indentures to address the issues.
    • There was a higher number of issues reported this year.
    • Second year for the neighborhood garage sale. The date was picked later than it should have. Looking for this years garage sale to be the weekend after Memorial Day weekend.
    • There are a fair number of outstanding assessments not payed. The trustees will be looking in options to collect the outstanding assessments.

  • Reviewed HIPA’s
  • A few trustees attended a symposium about neighborhood trustees that was hosted by the City of Chesterfield.
  • Reviewed the financials

Common Ground

  • Talked about the high deer population within our neighborhood. Still looking into allowing a managed deer hunt on common ground. A vote will be taken in the future to allow a managed deer hunt during deer bow session in 2020.
  • Lights in the common ground at Baxter Rd and Country Ridge Dr has a short causing the light outages at the monuments. This is still being worked.
  • The trustees are reimbursing 15 homeowners for new trees that the City of Chesterfield will plant later this year in the area between the road and sidewalk.

Homeowner Forum

  • No green turn light from Baxter Rd onto Country Ridge Dr. Can something be done about that? Our council members responded – MoDOT is in charge of that intersection and they will have to be contacted about that mater.
  • Light at Country Ridge Dr and Clarkson Rd can cause a long backup out of our neighborhood. What can be done about readjusting the timing of the light? Our council members responded – MO state controls that light, it will be looked into.
  • There wasn’t an invoice for the grass cutting or a contact on file with City and Village. Also the phone number on file was no longer working. Response – We have been using the same company for many years due to reasonable rates. The contact has stayed the same since we have worked with this company. Next year the trustees will have a formal contact and invoice for the lawn service. Finally, this year we’ll look into rebidding the lawn service.

Approved the July meeting minutes.

Election Results

  • Bill Thanner and Kevin Pfarr were elected to the 3 year term, followed by Tracey Thrasher was elected to the 1 year term. This was based on the number of votes each person received.
  • Assessment stays at $125 a year.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 23, 2020 at Chesterfield City Hall room 101.


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