Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Board of Trustee Annual Meeting Minutes
October 22, 2020 – Chesterfield City Hall


Call to order

  • Board President Scott Eiler called the meeting to order at 7:31pm.  Trustees Kevin Pfarr, Bill Thanner, Tracey Thrasher were present along with 12 homeowners.
  • Discussed deer hunting again in the neighborhood on common ground.  The following motion was brought forth by Scott and seconded by Kevin:
    • Move that trustees of MF-CE subdivision approve agreement with Whitetail Solutions for supervised bow hunting with agreed to parcels, dates, times, and conditions including and not limited to Whitetail solutions notify contiguous homeowners and provide acceptable insurance and meeting conditions of Chesterfield deer hunting program.
      • Motion passed with 3 votes (1 via proxy).

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Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
October 24, 2019 – Chesterfield City Hall

Call to Order

  • Board President; Scott Eiler called the meeting to order at 7:30pm. Trustees Scott Carter, Kevin Pfarr, and Bill Thanner were in attendance along with 11 homeowners and 2 City of Chesterfield Council members.
  • 2019 Projects:
    • The trustees are trying to get the City of Chesterfield to address various issues throughout the neighborhood.
    • Otherwise, use the neighborhood indentures to address the issues.
    • There was a higher number of issues reported this year.
    • Second year for the neighborhood garage sale. The date was picked later than it should have. Looking for this years garage sale to be the weekend after Memorial Day weekend.
    • There are a fair number of outstanding assessments not payed. The trustees will be looking in options to collect the outstanding assessments.

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