Meadowbrook Farms/Clarkson Estates
Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes
Thursday, January 28, 2021
Chesterfield City Hall


Call to Order

  • Kevin Pfarr, President, called the meeting to order at 7:32pm. Trustees Bill Thanner, Scott Eiler, Linda Walp and Tracey Thrasher were in attendance. 1 homeowner was in attendance. Also, 2 City of Chesterfield Council Members, Dan Hurt & Michael Moore, attended the meeting.
  • There was a motion to approve both the July 2020 and December 2020 meeting minutes which was approved.
  • The year-to-date actual expenses were reviewed in comparison to budget and it was noted that the vandalism to the fence on the common ground at the entrance at Baxter and Country Ridge Drive cost $4,950.

Common Ground

  • It was noted that Mike with Total Care Group will renew mowing the common ground for 2021 at the same rate as 2020 and Steif will continue do the leaf removal & mulching for 2021. Rates were being discussed with Steif.
  • The Trustees discussed the landscaping plan at the common ground entrance of Baxter and Country Ridge Drive as a homeowner had contacted via email with interest in helping. Bill Thanner was going to reach out to the homeowner. The Trustees discussed developing a plan to upgrade the 4 corners of the subdivision.
  • Deer Hunting
    • Although deer hunting was approved by the Board at the Annual Meeting in October 2020, it had been paused due to a document the City required the HOA to sign releasing the City of any liability related to the deer hunting. The HOA would be held liable for any legal issues that occurred as a result of the hunting including attorney fees for both the HOA and the City if they were named in a suit.
    • Several incidents during deer season were noted by Bill Thanner including a wounded deer that ended up on our common ground by a bow hunter from Isleview residents that had a permit. Notifying neighboring communities of bow hunting approved permits was discussed with the 2 City of Chesterfield Council Members that were in attendance.
    • Another Isleview resident allowed a bow hunter to hunt after dusk and ended up in the woods behind Kempwood Drive looking for a wounded deer.
    • There was a total of 4 incidents of trespassing on our common ground noted during the deer season.
  • There were a number of common ground issues with trees reported by residents this year which has resulted in a significant expense.

Home Improvement Update

  • Discussed homeowner applications not being received through the PO Box so scanning documents to the Trustee email ( is acceptable.
  • Discussed ensuring applications are complete with drawings to ensure the improvement is on the homeowner’s property.
  • Several homeowner garages were noted as not maintained and the City of Chesterfield would be notified.
  • There were several other homes that were noted for maintenance issues that 2 Trustees were going to visit.

Other Administrative Items

  • Document storage/retention policy was discussed. Scanning vs. paper copies.
  • Past Due Assessments
    • City & Village, the HOA management company, can send a demand letter from their attorney to homeowner’s that are 3 years or more past due at a cost of $175/account which will be added to the past due homeowner’s balance. After 45 days, a lawsuit can then be filed. There is a $100-$150 filing fee that the HOA would have to pay. The Trustees discussed there were about 10 homeowners that fell into the 3+ year category and letters from the HOA would be mailed to each requesting payment of past due HOA fees before having City & Village send their attorney letter.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:53pm.

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 22, 2021 at Chesterfield City Hall.