Meadowbrook Farms/Clarkson Estates
Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes
Thursday, July 22, 2021
Chesterfield City Hall


Call to order

  • Because of the large number of homeowners present, the meeting was moved to the multi-purpose room to accommodate everyone.
  • Kevin Pfarr, President, called the meeting to order at 7:35.  He introduced the other Trustees present, Scott Eiler and Linda Walp as well as our Ward 2 Councilmen, Dan Hurt and Michael Moore.
  • A motion made to accept the minutes of the April 22,2021 passed unanimously.

Annual meeting

  • Tentative dates that relate to the annual meeting were set.  The final dates will be published in the Notice of the Annual Meeting which is sent to each home by first class mail.
    • Annual Meeting:  Thursday October 28, 2021.
    • Trustee self-nomination letters received at P.O.Box by October 8,2021.
    • Request for absentee ballot received at P.O.Box by Monday, October 8, 2021.
    • Return absentee ballot received at P.O.Box by Thursday, October 28,2021.
  • Notice of the meeting and the July newsletter sent to City and Village for mailing to homeowners after Labor day Weekend.

Treasurer’s report

  • The anticipated 2022 budget was available for side-by-side comparison with the budget vs actual expenses for the years 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 (thru 6/30).
  • The budget was approved by the Trustees with the annual assessment unchanged.
  • New legal processes being used by the Trustees to collect past due assessments were explained for those who were not present at the April 22, 2021 meeting.
  • Properties included have multiple leins, are in arrears more than three years and the homeowner has made no attempt to work out any payment arrangement.
  • The question of consolidating the multiple bank accounts was discussed.  No consensus was reached and the subject was continued until the next meeting.

Common ground update

  • Selection of 4 cul-de-sacs for replant/refresh this fall.  Estimated cost $700 each
  • Unauthorized use of common ground was found in multiple locations
    • A large play area was found in the woods behind Kempwood Drive. Multiple platforms and treehouses as well as a zipline had been constructed up in the trees. Many in attendance felt those who constructed it should pay the bill for removal.  Trustees agreed but pointed out that it would not be possible to determine all involved.  In the end, professional removal paid for by the Subdivision appeared to be the best choice.
    • In the wooded area bordered by Rose Gate Lane, kids created a “war zone” for nerf or paintball games.  Copious quantities of bamboo had been harvested for “cover” and a pit approximately 4’x5’ measuring 3’ deep had been dug and covered with bamboo.  A homeowner observed some children working in the area and “convinced” them they should clean up the mess with his supervision.  Unfortunately, the pit will require the subdivision to hire someone to fill it.
    • The family sponsoring The Little Art Gallery project was present with their petition. Neighbors in the area of the proposed site had signed a petition indicating their approval of the project.  Unfortunately, two Trustees were unable to attend forcing a continuance to August 8 when all five Trustees could be present for a vote

Chesterfield updates

  • Councilman Moore indicated he was still in discussion with the City regarding legal issues raised over deer hunting.
  • Councilman Hurt reported a security camera in our neighborhood caught footage of men that have been breaking into cars in the area.  He reminded everyone that they work as a group. Some work on foot but there is a pickup man too.  He stressed DO NOT APPROACH THEM!  Get a picture if possible and call (636)537-3000.
  • Dumpsters for home improvements that are in the street must be registered with Chesterfield.

Homeowner forum

  • Homeowner expressed disappointment with the condition of our cul-de-sacs. Took pictures of some in the adjoining subdivisions as examples of how ours could look. She had enlisted help from neighbors in executing improvements on the circle near their homes and was requesting reimbursement from the board for the expenditures.
  • Another homeowner suggested the Little Art Gallery might go on the sponsor’s yard rather than the common ground.


  • At 9:15 Kevin adjourned the meeting suggesting that people use the website to email issues to the Trustees that had not gotten addressed before time ran out.

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 22, 2021 at Chesterfield City Hall.


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