Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates Subdivision
Board of Trustees HOA Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 27, 2023
Chesterfield City Hall

Call Meeting to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm. Carol Fine (President) announced Steve’s
resignation and asked for volunteers to fill in until October when the next election takes place.
Introduction of home owners along with Councilmember Dan Hurt took place. Since copies of
the meeting minutes were forgotten, Lisa Monachella (Secretary) read the minute to all. John
Thompson (Board member) motioned to approve while a homeowner seconded the motion.


Treasurer Report
Linda Walp (Treasurer) reviewed the financials. It was made clear that the increase in the
assessment will still not cover the expenditures for this fiscal year. It is appearing the
association will be in the red by $20,000.

Tree removal is a big part of the budget issues. The combination of the rough weather and the
age of the common ground trees is causing more downed trees. The association has had a
cushion of funds at CVTO but this has been spent down and not been able to be replenished.
These funds were to make sure checks did not bounce in case we could not get money
transferred to CTVO in time to pay bills. Neighborhood association recommendations state the
association should have one year of assessment in savings. For Meadowbrook Farms Clarkson
Estates would be $103,000. Already at this time, it appears the assessment will be raised again
for 2024 in order to breakeven and replace the savings.

During this discussion, a homeowner mentioned concern that live trees were being cut/removed
and this should not be done even if it is being done as a preventative measure. Another
homeowner asked about the assessment difference. The audience was reminded that a letter
went out last year explaining the situation as well as being discussed at meetings. It was verified
the bill shows what the late fee is if not paid by a certain date.

Linda mentioned we are looking into a possible Ameren credit due to two lights being out. We
were told we would get a credit but nothing has appeared yet. It was stated that the Board is
looking at various ways to save money. The example given was the January mailing. The Board
printed the newsletter while also folding the letter for the envelopes. This lowered the mailing
cost from CVTO. The Board looked into saving money on mulching for the spring. Unfortunately,
the bids received were higher than the current vendor or the vendors connected said they were
not taking on new business. A homeowner asked the Board to look into taking business cards
from local businesses and add them to the newsletter as a way to earn money by marketing.
Linda stated that would become an issue as we are a not-for-profit organization. Creating any
income outside of the assessment could create an IRS issue.

Old Business
The Board was looking forward to discussing the island redo presented by homeowners at the
previous meeting. The homeowners were not in attendance. No plans have been submitted.
This topic will be closed for now but reopened once we get plans or communication from the

Flyers have been passed out regarding common ground clean up days. First attempt was rained
out. Highest number of participants was nine. The Board says it has been fun and a great time
for homeowners to know each other. The Board during these events have been collecting email
addresses to start communicating more often by email.

Another idea to save on landscaping is donation of plants. A request for plants was made if
homeowners are looking to thin out their own landscaping.

The irrigation system is being turned on May 1st. The board is hoping no issues will be

There is a sinkhole issue coming to light on Country Field Drive. This is taking place due to a
rotting tree.

The Board has been notifying via mailed letter homeowners who are in violation of Chesterfield
trash can ordinance. The Board wants to be the first homeowners hear from verses getting
written up by the city. In the first mailing 26 letters were sent. Half of the homeowner complied

Dan Hurt mentioned the “chickens in the backyard” died. If anyone has questions, one should
call the Chief of Police. Golf Carts are not allowed on the street unless they are a large enough
vehicle to require licensing.

Darcy spoke about the Earth Day event, April 29. Fliers were left along with a flier on how to

Lisa mentioned common ground “storage”/use by children. Vendors, especially our lawn mowing
service, are running into items being left. This causes two major issues. First, time is taking
longer to mow as the mower has to stop to move things out of the path. Second, is causing
damage to the mowers. If this keeps up, the association will get charged more for the service.

Councilmember forum
Dan answered questions on laws in the city. Talked about Perfect Game in the Valley. Discussed
parking and parking garages planned for the mall area.

Homeowner forum
Many homeowners asked questions throughout the meeting but there were more issues
broached. A concern about a basketball net/court added to a backyard was mentioned. This
exterior alteration was not approved by the Board. Other homeowners mentioned a house with
canoes. Letters have already gone out.

The meeting concluded at 9:00 pm.


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