Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates Subdivision
Board of Trustees HOA Meeting Minutes
Thursday, July 27, 2023
Chesterfield City Hall

Call Meeting to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:33pm. Carol Fine (President) introduced Mark Stolzenburg
as filling in until October. Three positions will be open for next year: Lisa Monachella
(Secretary), Mark and Linda Walp (Treasurer). John Thompson (Board member) motioned to
approve while a homeowner seconded the motion.

Treasurer/Financial Report
Linda Walp (Treasurer) reviewed the financials. The assessment was raised for $120 to $175 in
2023. The feedback the Board received in 2022 was to raise it. Linda reminded the group we
still showed $20,000 short. The Board did not want to raise the assessment too much as we felt
it would shock the residents. Linda talked about assuming we spend the barebones for 2024,
we would still be short $7,400. This barebones does not account for any trees down. This
means reality would be more like between $7,400 and $20,000 in the red.

Twenty-six residents were liened this month for not paying the most recent assessment. At this
time last year, we had seventeen. Some residents have been sued since they were several
years behind. This number would be four. Some residents are elderly so expenses are hard.
The late fee the association charges is 10% of the assessment.

Expenses over all have increased. The focus for past years has been on collecting back dues.
This explains the influx on income and was hiding the subtle increase of expenses. A
homeowner made a suggestion to raise the yearly assessment to $300. The suggestion was
made to raise to where we need to be all at once and not in increments. Linda reviewed again
the amount of dollars we have for capital improvements versus operating costs.

Mark mentioned we need to remember to explain the reason for the increases like we did last

Old Business
The Board provided an update on the curb appeal campaign. The board has been looking at
indenture standards and Chesterfield ordinances. With trash can receptacles and mold mildew
issues, the board has been sending letters first to homeowners first before contacting
Chesterfield. There have been mixed feelings on this but action has been taking place from
these letters. Examples include a canoe out front of someone’s house and a moldy fence. Both
have letters sent. Mark knocked on a house about Christmas lights and the lights were taken
down. Mark mentioned bringing back the “nicest house” recognition. Maybe this would be an
incentive for residents to take care of their houses.

Linda brought examples of items left in common ground areas. These were baseballs and golf
balls. Our mowing company is running over these items. This is damaging the mowing
equipment not to mention people can get hurt from flying projectiles. The Board feels the issue
is with renters not owners.

The Board reminded the audience of the new electronic newsletter. Paper copies were brought
to the meeting to show what was emailed out in July. The Board campaigned again for email
addresses and asked those in attendance to mention this to others.
The Board announced participation in National Night Out on August 1st. The get together would
be in one of our parks. This was all being paid for through donations not from our operation

Councilmember forum
Dan Hurst and Mike Moore were present. A new park is now in front of Logan. Open from dawn
to dusk. Also has pickleball which is free. Eberwein Park was redone with grant money. It has a
dog park, allows bikers and walkers and also has a community garden. Perfect Game has turfed
the remaining fields. These are being used every weekend with tournaments. Perfect Game is
asking the City to expand the number of fields. They gave an update on the mall project.

Proposal is residential and commercial. The Dillard’s end is still in contention. The current
discussion is on the density of residential versus commercial. Current mall tenants are not being
forced to move until August of 2024. The City is wanting a main street that cuts through the

There was a review of Gateway Studios in the valley. The review covered the reasons why
Chesterfield is attractive for a business location i.e. the river, the airport.

There is a traffic study for Clarkson and Baxter. We are at a D rating on a scale of A to F. D
means acceptable at peak hours. TIF money will go to try to make improvements so 30 years
from now we are still at a D rating and not worse.

Homeowner forum
Many homeowners asked questions throughout the meeting. A homeowner asked about the
deer issue. A reminder was made about the deer program.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.


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